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With the series “Tech Bridge” we are dedicated to the, somewhat undiscovered, digital ecosystem of Armenia in 2022 and present speakers and companies from different focus areas per quarter.  We are pleased to welcome the Minister of Digitalisation of the Republic of Armenia, Vahagn Khachaturyan, as a speaker on this occasion.

Armenian companies offer themselves specifically as long term, highly capable and reliable partners for German companies that want to work out innovative and creative solutions and develop products in cooperation with small teams. Armenia’s IT sector offers German businesses a chance to accelerate their digitalisation plans and address the lack of IT specialists in the home market. As part of our “Tech Bridge” series, players from various sectors will present themselves, including FinTech, IoT, automation and gaming. We will start on 9 February 2022 with the FinTech theme with a product company and a software service provider.




      • H.E. Viktor Yengibaryan, Ambassador, Embassy of the Republic of Armenia, Berlin
      • Artashes Margaryan, Chairman, German Business Association Armenia


      • Vahagn Khachaturyan, Ministry of High-Tech Industry of Armenia

Tech presentations from Armenia

      • Sergey Tadevosyan, Product Manager, Highway
        Highway’s cloud products revolutionize banking technology and enable any merchant to embed lending services to everyone from everywhere.
      • Matt Bartelsian; Partner, Director of Global Business Development & Partnerships, Essential Solutions
        Essential is one of the world’s premier AI & software innovation boutiques. We unleash top-tier mathematicians & physicists on bleeding-edge, world-first FinTech problems & solve crazy-hard challenges that others can’t.



      • Stefan Kägebein, Regional Director Eastern Europe, German Eastern Business Association

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